The Darkest of Times (My Fear of Being Pinoy and How I Can Do About It)

Sometimes, I think that it is very scary to be a Filipino these days, especially that we are not only fighting against an invisible enemy, but we also have to deal with people who threaten or endanger our basic rights.

Fostering Kindness and Killing Friendship

It’s been ages since I wrote my last entry for this blog. Definitely, I got lost in a sense that, events, good and bad, have been unfolding right before my eyes which I failed to write down on this platform. I don’t even know what to write. All I needed was to be alone; to… Continue reading Fostering Kindness and Killing Friendship

Iambic Attack

Lately, I almost succumbed to the thought that half of my life has been taken away from me. You know, acquiescing this responsibility as a teacher, editor, etc., made me realize that subjecting the self to stress can be a “useful” weapon in dealing with life. I’m always impelled to work than to sit in… Continue reading Iambic Attack

Opening Up

For some people with mental health condition, disclosure may be difficult because of the stigma attached to having depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. People might label someone with these conditions as crazy, overly-dramatic, or attention seeker. Hence, the choice is to keep it to themselves and suffer in silence. When my therapist, Dr. Sermonia, confirmed… Continue reading Opening Up

The Middle of the Beginning

It was a draining two-hour session inside a comfy clinic painted in purple with floral patterns. I shed almost a bucket of tears, poured my heart out trying to be as honest as possible. That time, I only knew I needed answers. And then it came to me, although suspicion of having this mental condition… Continue reading The Middle of the Beginning