The Darkest of Times (My Fear of Being Pinoy and How I Can Do About It)

Sometimes, I think that it is very scary to be a Filipino these days, especially that we are not only fighting against an invisible enemy, but we also have to deal with people who threaten or endanger our basic rights.

Hulat (A Translation)

At the height of my depressive episode in July, I found myself alone in a resort trying to figure out the unexplained emotions that encumbered me. I sought solace yet the world seemed to deprive me of it. The sound of the waves nor the coolness of the pool could not satiate that anger and… Continue reading Hulat (A Translation)

Opening Up

For some people with mental health condition, disclosure may be difficult because of the stigma attached to having depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. People might label someone with these conditions as crazy, overly-dramatic, or attention seeker. Hence, the choice is to keep it to themselves and suffer in silence. When my therapist, Dr. Sermonia, confirmed… Continue reading Opening Up