#PODCAST|Listen to My Poetry Podcast

Hi! I have created my own podcast, giving space to poetry. In this podcast, I will be serving some well-known and original poetry pieces spoken in bilingual. Click the podcast link here. This podcast is also available in Spotify. Link here. I hope you follow my podcast for your weekly dose of poetry. Thanks!

My Creative Writing Course at ZilLearn

Hi there! I'm putting up my online course in Creative Writing via http://www.zillearn.com. This course includes introduction to creative writing as well as the conventions and techniques in writing poetry, fiction, and drama. If you are interested to take the course, here's the link. I have published the first lesson already. Click here. See you!

VLOG|The Popularity of THAI BL Dramas in the Philippines [Eng Sub]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxMFrvKYFGs&t=7s Why are Thai BL series popular in the Philippines? With #2getherTheSeries gaining popularity in Thailand, Thai BL series are taking the spotlight and more Filipinos are getting into the trend of this kind of genre. This video explains why BL dramas like TharnType, Until We Meet Again and other current BL dramas are being… Continue reading VLOG|The Popularity of THAI BL Dramas in the Philippines [Eng Sub]

#Quarantine Goals|Learning Thai Language

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-dbPcUr3rM&t=11s One of my goals this quarantine is to learn a new language, and since BL series such as 2gether The Series and TharnType are very popular today, I decided to learn Thai. I must admit that I am still a newbie when it comes to learning the language. So, in this video, I am… Continue reading #Quarantine Goals|Learning Thai Language

Blog2Vlog|My Top 5 Favorite Hiligaynon Words

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhP0C19AQZE&t=61s The content of this video started as a blog entry published some years ago in http://www.thewallflowerconfessions.wordpress.com. There were actually twelve words which I included as my favorite Hiligaynon words. For this vlog, I only included my top 5 favorites. Find out what these words are. Also, I adhered to the text as read form… Continue reading Blog2Vlog|My Top 5 Favorite Hiligaynon Words

CULTURE|Bordon: Keeping the Tradition Alive

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTM7QGe_C3U&t=18s The Philippines is rich in culture and tradition. During a wake or belasyon, some folks gather to entertain the bereaved family through a game called "bordon". This video presents how the elderly burst into song and perform bordon during the wake of my grandmother. Though at present the wake may be filled with people… Continue reading CULTURE|Bordon: Keeping the Tradition Alive

TRAVEL|Sights&Scenes from our HongKong Trip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUQHlpG_ULw Almost a year ago, my siblings and I traveled to Hong Kong. It was my first international, or should I say, Asian trip and it got me really excited. We planned the itinerary ourselves so it was even more exciting. Take a look at the sights and scenes from our HK-Macau trip in this… Continue reading TRAVEL|Sights&Scenes from our HongKong Trip

#VlogTime|WORK FROM HOME: My Job as a Linguist-at-Large

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpaqMXWCyT8&t=23s Quarantine means stay-at-home. While others take this as an opportunity to express their creativity and think of ways to become productive, it's still a work-from-home for me. Aside from teaching, I also work online as a linguist-at-large. What exactly is that job? This vlog will tell you what it is._ _ _ _ _… Continue reading #VlogTime|WORK FROM HOME: My Job as a Linguist-at-Large

#WorldPoetryDay My All-Time Favorite Poems

March 21 is World Poetry Day and so I'm gonna share with you my top three favorite poems. I have a lot of favorite poems, but these have somehow influenced me in some ways, and whenever I feel down, the lines and metaphors engraved in these poems uplift me. God Explains Space to His AngelsSid… Continue reading #WorldPoetryDay My All-Time Favorite Poems

#ThrowbackPost: Why I Did Not Want to Become a Teacher

FOR NANAY. (this post was originally published on September 05, 2012.) I'm not gonna start my entry with a quote about teaching. It might be too obvious that, since it's Teachers Month, I'm joining the bandwagon like those who lift themselves up on the pedestal, declaring that they are the best teachers their students could… Continue reading #ThrowbackPost: Why I Did Not Want to Become a Teacher