The Middle of the Beginning

It was a draining two-hour session inside a comfy clinic painted in purple with floral patterns. I shed almost a bucket of tears, poured my heart out trying to be as honest as possible. That time, I only knew I needed answers. And then it came to me, although suspicion of having this mental condition lingered for a long time, accepting the “verdict” would definitely change my life from then on.

August 1, 2019. I was diagnosed with Depression and Bipolar 2 Disorder. Without any hesitation nor doubts, my therapist confirmed that suspicion. When I heard these two conditions, I felt frightened and enlightened at the same time. I was frightened because I felt that this condition would enchain me for the rest of my life. Enlightened because I knew the demons I had to battle with. Those moments of loneliness, anger, isolation—they have a name. Depression.

And so my journey begins. By writing this blog, I hope that I would be able to impart my own struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. Despite the demons that I have to battle every day, I want to tell my personal stories of hope and perseverance amid the negative thoughts that hover my mind.

This blog contains my own perspective expressed through essays, poems, and photos that reflect the importance of mental health. Stay tuned and follow my journey.

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